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Welcome to the AudienceView Product Documentation

Here you will find everything that you need to know about AudienceView 6.3.0 and 6.8.0.
For information about AudienceView Unlimited 7, refer to:
The first page in each guide contains a content map that will allow you to easily navigate throughout the various pages.

You can search for specific information by:
  1. Entering key words in the 'Search Term' field in the left-hand pane, and selecting the appropriate 'Version'.
    This is defaulted to 6.8.0 Product Documentation.
    The search function only matches full terms and does not match partial terms (e.g. the term misc will not return the same results as miscellaneous).
  2. Once you have completed your inital search, the 'Search mode' dropdown will appear on the page, allowing you to further refine your search.
    • Exact Phrase: Finds pages containing the exact sentence or phrase that you have entered (including word order).
      For example, if you enter miscellaneous item option, only pages that contain the exact phrase will be returned.
    • Any Word: Finds any page where any of the words appear. This is the default.
      For example, if you enter miscellaneous item,  any page that has the word item even if it does not contain miscellaneous will be returned 
    • All Words: Finds any page where all of the words appear.
      For example, if you search for miscellaneous item option, only the pages that contain all 3 words will be returned.
    • Any Word or Synonyms: Works like the Any Word option, but also returns pages containing similar words.
      For example, if you enter assistance, pages that contain words like help will also be returned.

You can print/PDF individual pages using your browser's print functionality. If the text runs off of the printed page, decrease your browser's font size.

If you are looking for older versions of the documentation, you can still find them, in PDF format, here