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Bar Code Formatting for Windows Devices

If you are printing a Code 39 or 2 of 5 bar codes using a Windows device, you must insert additional required characters around the number:

  • 2 of 5: You must insert a colon (:) at the beginning and the end of the number (:#:).
  • Code 39: You must insert an asterisks (*) at the beginning and the end of the number (*#*).

To do so, use the 'Display Text' and 'Value Location' of the element to insert the required characters around your computed value:

Field 2 of 5 Code 39
Display Text :: **
Value Location 2 2

The following image illustrates an example:

To use the UPC bar code on Windows devices, you must create a dynamic value to generate the format J######K######L, where a number sign (#) represents a digit of the 12-digit number.

Field Value
Rule - Position 1
Rule - Pattern J{ticket_element::0,6}K{ticket_element::7,6}L
This instructs the application to:
  • insert the letter J at position 0 (before the first digit of the number), then insert six digits
  • insert the letter K at position 7 (after six digits of the number) and then insert the last six digits of the number
  • insert the letter L at the end

The following image illustrates this example:

For more information on dynamic values, refer to Working with Dynamic Values.