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Legends Hold Types-Details Page

The following image illustrates the Legends application Hold Types|Details page:

The Legends application Hold Types|Details page consists of the following properties:

Field Description
Colour Select a unique colour to represent the new hold type.
Click to select a colour.
Description Enter a name or description to identify the hold type.
Value Enter a numerical value for the new hold type.
This value is used for sorting the hold types when displayed in other areas of the application. For example, when configuring a hold template, hold type 1 will appear in the list of hold type options before hold type 2.
Label Enter a single-character label for the hold type. This label is used to represent the hold type on venue and performance seating chart printouts.
For more information, refer to Printing a Venue Template.
Group Enter a name that you want the hold type grouped under.
Message Enter a message that will be displayed when seats within the hold type are selected (e.g. obstructed view or accessibility seating messages).
Promo Codes If you want to grant access to the hold type using a promotional code, enter the code in the field or click  to search for and select the desired promotional code(s). For more information, refer to The Find Promotion Codes Dialog Box.

To enable access to a hold type through the use of a promotional code, the promotional code must be assigned to the applicable role(s) on the price chart as well. For more information, refer to Adding Pricing to a Price Chart.

Users will be able to sell/purchase held seats of this type based on the following:
  • If the role has access to the hold type (as specified in the Role Assignment section), then users logged on using the role do not have to use the promotional code to sell/purchase the hold. Such users will always have access to the holds of this type.
  • If the role does not have access to the hold type, then the user must use the promo code to access the holds.
  • If the promotional code does not have an access code, only those customers holding a benefit that has the associated promotional code will be able to access the hold type.
  • If the promotional code has an access code, customers must enter the promotional access code online to access the hold type.
Display Label Enter a name for the hold type.
If your system is configured for multi-language use, the 'Display Label' allows you to enter alternative language labels for the selected hold type.
Role Assignment Enables you to specify which roles can sell seats associated with this hold type (Sell Only Roles) and which roles can sell and use the hold type (Sell and Use Roles).
For example, only those Sell and Use Roles could configure a hold template for a venue to use the hold type.
To assign roles, select the roles from the Available Roles list and click '>>' to move them to the desired list.
To select more than one role, hold CTRL or SHIFT while making your selections.
Data [1-3] Enables you to store additional information specific to your organization.
Any data entered into these fields is searchable through Business Intelligence. To modify a data field label, navigate to the Registry application Registry::EN::Business Objects::TSvalueLegendBO::Value Legend node and select the field that you want to re-label.
The field labels in the Value Legend node are shared with with the Price Zones|Details and Fill Zones|Details pages.