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Creating BI Queries for Email Messages

Before you can email selected customers, you must create a Customer BI query to select the specific customers that you want to target. The BI query must be saved and be specific to the list of customers to be contacted by the email that you are creating. For specifics on creating and saving a Customer BI query, refer to Using Business Intelligence.

To create a query suitable for use for email messaging, you must ensure that certain result members are included in the Customer BI query extract. As well, there are certain result members that must also be included to track the message using a correspondence record.

The Customer BI query for email messaging must contain the folloowing:

  1. For the saved Customer BI query to be used for email messaging, ensure that it contains all of the default Customer BI result members as well as the following result members:
    1. Customer ID
    2. Default Contact Email
  2. For the saved Customer BI query to create a correspondence record against the customer, ensure that the following result members are also included:
    1. Default Address City
    2. Default Address Country
    3. Default First Name
    4. Default Last Name
    5. Default Middle Initial
    6. Default Address State
    7. Default Address Street
    8. Default Suffix
    9. Default Title
    10. Default Address Postal/Zip Code

For more information, refer to Creating a Customer Correspondence Extract and Creating Mailing Lists.

Ensure that the query contains the customers that you want to contact by using the Business Intelligence and Reports application Business Intelligence|Preview page. For more information, refer to Business Intelligence and Reports Business Intelligence-Preview Page.
When using a BI query to send messages, the value entered in the 'Max Extract Rows' field is ignored. If you want to limit the maximum number of results that are returned, you must do so via the Business Intelligence|Criteria or Business Intelligence|Filters pages.

Once the query has been save, you can use it for email messaging.