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Creating a Payment Type

Payment types are used when creating payment methods and determine how to process the payment. By default, the application provides the following default payment types:

  • Account: Used for payments from a customer’s AudienceView account.
  • Credit Card: Used for credit card payments.
  • Debit Card: Used for debit card payments.
  • Gift Card: Used for gift card (similar to a gift certificate) payments.
  • Gift Certificate: Used for gift certificate payments.
  • Local: Used for any type of payment that is treated like cash (for example cash or cheque).
  • Fortress Gift Card: Used for Fortress access systems

You can add additional payment types as required by your organization. Creating a new payment type enables you to control which fields to display to ticket sellers without affecting other payment methods. For example, when ticket sellers process cheques, you only want them to be able to enter the tendered amount. Because the cheque payment method would use the Local payment type, modifying this payment type to hide the other fields from ticket sellers would affect all Local payment methods (such as cash payments). Creating a new payment type specific for cheques enables you to modify the fields to display specifically for cheque payments.

To create a new payment type, complete the following:

  1. Open the Registry application from the AudienceView Desktop.
  2. Navigate to the Registry::EN::Business Objects::TSpaymentMethodBO::Payment Types node.
  3. Click 'New Node'.
    A new node appears.
  4. Enter a name for the node in the 'Node Name' field.
    The node name must be one word.
  5. Enter a label for the node as it will appear to users in the 'Label' field.
  6. Click 'Apply'.
    A window confirms that the application updated the Registry.
  7. Click 'OK'.
    The node now appears under the Payment Types node.
  8. Expand the new node and configure any additional information as required. You can use the sub-categories to define which fields are visible to ticket sellers when using the payment type.
The new payment type should be added to the payment method type list in the General Configuration application. For more information, refer to Modifying a List.

When you add the new payment type to the list, you must ensure that:

  • The value entered in the 'Key' field matches what was entered in the 'Node Name' field in the Registry
  • The value entered in the 'English' field matches what was entered in the 'Label' field in the Registry