AudienceView Connect


To access the TouchNet payment gateways, navigate to the Registry application System::Configuration::Payment Gateways node.

Field Description
Host_URL The school-specific URL for the TouchNet gateway.
This URL is provided by Touchnet.
ancillary Can be used to distinguish transactions when testing the gateway.
library_path The absolute path to the respective AudienceView payment gateway DLL.
log_file The absolute path to a file on the local server where payment processing data is saved. Include the file name in the path. If the file does not exist, it will automatically be created.
process_details For those gateways that support multiple types of payments, this field identifies the type of payment (e.g. Credit or Debit).
process_strategy Identifies how the payment is to be processed:
  • External: Process payment external third party.
    This is the only valid option for this payment gateway.
  • Account: Process payments as an AudienceView internal account.
  • Gift Card: Process payment as an AudienceView gift certificate.
  • Gift Certificate: Process payment as an AudienceView gift certificate.
rotate_log_file Y: A new log file will be created each day, with the creation date included as part of its name. 
N: A single log file is used.
It is recommended that you use log rotation, as the log file is locked while the application is running and cannot be moved or deleted.
terminal_allocation Queued: Requires AudienceView to queue the requests to the terminals.
Round Robin: Gateway can queue the requests on its terminals.
terminal_required N: Does not require terminal at all.
verbose_log Y: The log file will contain detailed information. 
N: The log file will contain summary information.