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Donation Reports

The following donation reports are standard in AudienceView:

  • Donation By Sales Date Report
    The Donation By Sales Date report displays pledge amounts, allocated donation amounts, and unpaid donations for a specified date range for selected campaigns, programs or appeals. Results are grouped by month, week or day.
  • Donor Biography Report
    The Donor Biography report displays a complete donor history for a customer including donor activity, memberships, donation transactional history, bundles and contact history.
  • Donation Detail Summary Report
    The Donation Detail Summary report displays pledge information by program, campaign, and appeal including pledge amounts and outstanding pledges. This report has a detailed view which enables you to view pledge information itemized by order.
  • Funds Detail Report
    The Funds Detail report summarizes the pledges made to selected funds and provides a detailed list of pledges and orders that contribute to each fund.
  • Opportunities and Goals Report
    The Opportunities and Goals report displays pledge amounts and counts; goal amounts, counts, and expenses; and opportunity amounts and counts, for a specified date range for the selected funds, and appeals.