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Hold Type Range Report

The Hold Type Range Report lists seats on a particular hold or holds in a range format, breaking them out by seat section. Users are able to request that the report contain either sold, unsold or sold and unsold held seats.

You can use this report to determine the number of seats in a house on a particular hold.  You are also able to report on sold seats on a hold, non-sold seats on a hold, or both.

Hold Type Range Report Criteria

The following table describes this report’s criteria:

Criteria Description
Hold Type The Hold Type in the performance on which you want to report.
To select more than one hold type, hold CTRL or SHIFT while making your selections.
Performance Enables you to filter the report by the selected performance.
Enter the performance name or click  to search for the performance. For more information, refer to The Find Performances Dialog Box.
Report On Enables you to report on:
  • Not Sold
  • Sold
  • Sold and Not Sold

Hold Type Range Report Output

The following image illustrates a sample report.

Hold Type Range Report Results

The report is divided into different sections for each of the holds used in the performance and selected for output. Within each hold, the seats on that hold are listed by section. Seats are listed by row in a range and their price zone is also displayed. A total for each row of seats on the hold is displayed. A total for each hold is then generated.