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Security by Group Report

The Security by Group report enables you to display the permissions, attributes, and content settings for one or more groups and the users which are assigned to the group. You can use this report to view and help proof group security settings.

Security by Group Report Criteria

The following table illustrates the report criteria.

Criteria Description
Group(s) Enables you to filter the report by the selected group(s).
If you select multiple groups, the report combines all the information from each group and displays it together.
To select more than one group, hold CTRL or SHIFT while making your selections.
Output Options Enables you to specify the information you want to display in the report:
  • Show Group Attributes
  • Show Group Content
  • Show Group Permissions
  • Show User List

    To select more than one output option, hold CTRL or SHIFT while making your selections.

Security by Group Report Output

The following image illustrates a sample report.

Security by Group Results (Showing Group Attributes Only)