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AudienceView 6.4.0 New Features and Enhancements

Tablet Interface

Feature Description ID
Tablet Interface A new tablet interface has been introduced in AudienceView 6.4. It allows customer service representative to sell tickets, miscellaneous items and passes through a tablet, such as an iPad. AVT-7259

Desktop Enhancements

Feature Description ID
Google Analytics/Meta Tags by Site/Article The Sites|Applications and Articles|Applications pages have been added to the Content Management application. You can configure a Google Analytics account for each site/article so that analytics reporting data can be easily segmented. Each AudienceView site can have its own analytics account and its own analytics reporting dashboard so that specific site usage statistics and conversion rates can be gathered.
The new pages also allow you to configure metadata globally at the site level and more granularly at the article level. These meta tags can be general purpose (e.g. keywords) or specific to a third party integration (e.g. Facebook).
The META Tags list has also been added to the General Configuration application, allowing you to add additional meta tag types.
For more information, refer to the following sections:
  • Content Management Sites-Applications Page
    • Enabling the Facebook Like Button
    • Defining Meta Tags by Site
  • Content Management Articles-Applications Page
    • Enabling the Facebook Like Button for a Specific Article
    • Defining Meta Tags for a Specific Article
Gate Management
  • The Venue Configuration application Venue|Gate page has been updated to allow you to specify which seats, rows, sections and price types can access a particular gate, and the time frame in which they will be granted access.
  • The Venue Configuration application Seat Management|Gate page has also been added so that performance specific gate access rules can be configured.
Creating renewal orders via the Utilities application is causing the system to timeout. The 'AutoCommitFrequency' field in the Registry application System::Application node has been modified to also control the creation of renewal orders in addition to controlling the sending of email messages. During large batches of renewal order creations, the original large transaction will be auto-committed as specified by the 'AutoCommitFrequency' setting into smaller transactions to prevent the loss of renewal order records in the event of rollbacks. The default setting is 10. A 0 indicates that the Auto-Commit functionality has been disabled.
For more information, refer to Setting the Auto-Commit Frequency.
QAS Pro On Demand Integration As an additional billable service, QAS Pro On Demand has been integrated with AudienceView 6.4.0. AVT-7291

Online Enhancements

Feature Description ID
Performance Availability The performance availability is now automatically displayed when a customer searches for a performance.
The duration in which inactive performances information remains in the cache is set to seven days, by default.
To alter the duration, refer to Configuring the Performance Availability Cache Timeout.
As a result of this work, you can no longer manually cache performance information. The 'Cache Selected' button has been removed from the Venue Configuration application Performances|Search page.
My Account Recommendations Recommendations can now be displayed in the My Account pages.
For more information, refer to Configuring Recommendations.
Separation of AudienceView Online SSL You can separate encrypted/secure pages and entry points to pages (e.g. via the navigation bar or through the purchse flow) from non-encrypted/secure pages (i.e. https versus http) so that you can integrate third-party advertisements within your AudienceView Online sites. AVT-7672

Business Intelligence and Reporting Enhancements

Feature Description ID
Call Over Report Sorting The Section Row Seat option has been added to the 'Report Output By' dropdown of the Call Over report so that the report can be output by sections, rows and seats. AVT-6583
Cannot decrypt encrypted card numbers when extracting the information from a BI query. To decrypt encrypted card numbers via Business Intelligence, select the decrypt option from the Application Security application Group|Permissions page for applicable group's TSorderCO and TSorderPaymentCO properties. AVT-6819