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AudienceView 6.8.12 Change Log

The following table outlines the changes made in AudienceView 6.8.12:
NEW Enable logstash in global.asa by default.
Logstash is now enabled by default in the global.asa file.
NEW Implemented the Event Availability by Zone and Hold report.
The Event Availability by Price Zone and Hold report has been implemented for general admission festivals. It details the state of all of the events at the festival across all venues and series at any given time by event, paid, comp, available and held tickets by hold type and monetary value.
The labels can be configured in the Registry application Registry::EN::Application::Business Intelligence and Reports::Report Labels::Event Availability by Price Zone and Holds node.
IMPROVEMENT Add Canonical Link URL and Redirect (301) URL attributes to Content Management.
Two new attributes have been added to the Content Management application Articles|Application page are to help manage visitors from Google and other search engines: 
  • Canonical Link URL: Used to set another page on the same domain that will be considered by search engines to be the authoritative go-to page for searches that also match the subject of the article.
  • Redirect (301) URL: Used to create a redirection for any request for the article to a different URL. This type of redirect (301 response) also provides search-engine crawlers with a hint that the new URL should be considered the new location for the articles content.  
Articles must be active for the redirection to happen -- an IIS webserver rule would be necessary for redirections from URLs that no longer have an active Article.
Support swiped cards in scheduled payments
To further support the encrypted ID Tech devices, the ability to swipe a card number through a simple card swipe, or use the ID Tech encrypted device whether keyed or swiped has been added.
EMV is not supported in scheduled payments because the card number is not passed to the application, and scheduled payments require the presence of a persisted card number.
IMPROVEMENT Alllow all TSmapBO doWork methods (i.e. loadMap, loadAvailability, loadBestAvailable) to support the performance_ids parameter.  AVD-13129
IMPROVEMENT Add all of the ts_audit fields to the Application Security application Audit|Details page.
The Application Security application Audit|Details page has been updated to include additional information.
IMPROVEMENT Add logging to every lock request and release with duration information.
Logging was added to the lock wrapper in TSSSautoLock.
IMPROVEMENT Add a user-friendly message/spinner that appears when online customers are returning to AudienceView from 3D Secure.
When online customers return to AudienceView from 3D Secure, the message Your order is being processed, this may take a minute or two appears accompanied by a spinner.
This message can be configured using the Registry application Registry::EN::Application::Online::3D Secure node's 'Processing 3D Secure' field.
FIXED When a customer with a pass buys an extra ticket for an event and the additional ticket is reprinted, Ticket Status Invalid is returned when the pass is scanned. 
Cancelling a ticket on a pass would prevent other admissions on the pass from being scanned.  Now any pass (or any item with a ticket number) will scan even if other items with the same ticket number are cancelled, as long as there is at least one 'valid' (i.e. not cancelled) ticket.
FIXED Certain computed values do not print on a ticket when the miscellaneous item of 'Type' is Other
All order Item computed values now print for all types of miscellaneous items.
FIXED Event requests cannot be added to orders that contain bundle requests.
It is now possible to add a event request to an order if the order contains a promotion code but the request does not use promotional pricing.
FIXED Database blocking occurs on nsert into ts_audit_node.
The database blocking no longer occurs.
FIXED The reserve-seats and navigation-box sections are rendered outside of the bodyDetails wrapper on the loginDelivery.asp page. Instead, they should be placed inside bodyDetails.
The reserve-seats and navigation-box sections are rendered inside the bodyDetails.
FIXED The images assigned to venue sections and event seats are not appearing.
Images assigned to venue sections and event seats are being displayed.
FIXED Series-level pop-up messages do not appear in the AudienceView Desktop nor online.
Series-level pop-up messages now display as expected.
FIXED The shopping cart timeout clock is missing from  the loginDelivery.asp page.
The timeout clock has been restored.
FIXED Cannot add a request to an order that contains a promotion code.
Requests can now be added to the order, displaying all of available non-promo coded price types.
FIXED Access Code functionality retrieves all table rows several times per minute.
The Access Code functionality has been optomized so that this no longer happens.
FIXED The section 'Label' does not appear on the shoppingCart.asp page if the admission has a 'Seat Message' configured.
The section 'Label' displays on the shoppingCart.asp page whether or not a 'Seat Message' has been configured.
FIXED After clicking the Back button in Safari to return to the search results page, the next selection causes an error.
The error no longer occurs and Safari users can view the seach results.
FIXED After merging customer accounts that contain orders and order notes, the notes are no longer available.
Order notes are accessible after customer accounts have been merged.
FIXED The seatResult.asp page is cropping the seat map.
The seatResults.asp page no longer displays a cropped version of the seat map. 
FIXED The Admissions BI does not count holds when they are applied to seats already on an order and does not reflect updated price zones.
Hold, fill and price values are reflected in the Admission BI even when seats are already on an order.
FIXED The Movement report's 'Unpaid Due' column is being populated with unknown values.
All unpaid amounts, whether fully or partially unpaid, will be listed in the Unpaid section.
Historically, the report has only reporting the amounts that were due in the 'Unpaid' columns, not in the 'Paid Due' columns.  As a result, the 'Paid Due' columns have been removed.
FIXED The End of Day Summary no longer has 'Series/Performances Total' row.
The row now appears in the End of Day Summary.
FIXED When the calendar widget is added to page along with other widgets, neither the calendar widget nor the subsequent widgets display.
Any and all widgets added to a page are being displayed.
Payments fail (#1463 Multiple card swipes) when debit card numbers are manually entered into ID Tech devices.
Manually entering debit card numbers into ID Tech devices no longer causes payment to fail.
When using ID Tech devices, some debit cards were triggering a "multiple swipes" error message when keyed into the ID Tech device because the checksum, which is normally stripped out by other cards readers, was being handled incorrectly.
This change will also permit the use of previously unusable cards that were passing Track 3 to the application, for example Costco Amex cards.
FIXED Accessing the Utilities application Pledges|Tax Receipts page causes a 500 Error
The 500 error no longer occurs.
FIXED A communication error occurs when customers select MasterPass as their payment method.
The issue has been resolved with the vendor, and the error no longer occurs.
FIXED The Hold Type Range report is not generating results.
The Hold Type Range report is now running as expected.
FIXED Some core payment gateways do not support TLS 1.2.
The winhttp library has been updated to ensure that TLS 1.2 is enabled,

Reusing a ticket number (the ticket number was previously assigned to a ticket, then cancelled, then the same ticket number was imported) fail when being scanned.
Any ticket number can be reused and will scan even if other items with the same ticket number are cancelled as long as there is at least one 'valid' (i.e. not cancelled) ticket.
FIXED In load balanced environment the actual client IP is not logged by the application.
In load balanced environments, the IP address of the original request sender will be recorded, not the IP address of the balancer as before.
FIXED The Hold Type Range report is sorting the rows in alphabetical order.
Rows are now sorted by 'Sys Row' and 'Sys Seat', ensuring that rows are sorted in the order in which they are configured rather than by the row 'Label'.
FIXED Removing seats from an offer causes the price zone to be removed from those admissions.
Removing seats from an offer no longer impacts the price zone.
FIXED Remove the QAS Partner Platform
The QAS Partner Platform is no longer supported and has been removed. If you are currently using the QAS Partner Platform, remove  all of the 'Allowed Address States' from the applicable roles.
FIXED doWork methods and their durations should be logged in TSbaseBO::doWork
The name and duration are logged before and after each call is made. The duration is added to the message.
FIXED Remove the 'Concurrent Runs' field from the Utilities application Data Management|Schedule page.
The 'Concurrent Runs' field no longer appears on the Utilities application Data Management|Schedule page. The default value is now set to 1 in the Registry.
FIXED The 'Add Price Type' button on the Customer Services application Events|Best Available and Events|Quick Sale pages does not render the information correctly in Firefox 45 nor Internet Explorer 11.
The issue has been resolved and the fields display correctly when the 'Add Price Type' button is clicked.
FIXED Add params logging to the message for doWork calls.
Param logging was added to doWork call messages.
FIXED Add work package performance logging with duration.
Performance logging with duration has been added.