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AudienceView 6.8.14 Change Log

The following table outlines the changes made in AudienceView 6.8.14:
IMPROVEMENT Redcard - The Redcard integration now supports URLs with commas in them, as required by some financial institutions. AVD-15233
IMPROVEMENT API - Add parameters to the TSmapBO::Extract.
TSmapBO::Extract can now take the following parameters:
  • screen_id
  • seat_id
  • entered_promo_code_id
  • promocode_access_code
  • promocode_access_code_url
  • clearPromoCodes
The behaviour of the promo code parameters is consistent with other calls:
  • If screen_id or seat_id is specified an event (performance_id) must also be specified.
  • If screen_id is specified the extracted data is limited to that screen.
  • If seat_id is specified the extracted data is limited to that seat's screen.
  • If screen_id and seat_id are both specified, the seat must be on the screen identified by screen_id.
  • If multiple events are specified (performance_id), data is extracted for all events. Previously, data was only extracted for the first event.
FIXED Desktop - The Unsaved Changes pop-up message does not appear if admissions have been added to an order but not a payment (e.g. adding Comps to an existing order) AVD-3302
FIXED Online - Caps and Limits Messaging on the mapSelect.asp page
The 'Max' and 'Maxed Reached' labels (Registry::Application::Online node) were only being reflected on the seatSelect.asp page and not the mapSelect.asp page.
FIXED Desktop - Deleting miscellaneous items from the same order twice removes more than just the selected item(s) the second time. AVD-6829
FIXED Online - The mapSelect.asp page shows price type 'Name' and price zone 'Name' instead of the 'Label'.    ​ AVD-12463
FIXED Desktop - Creating offers via the Utilities application Customer|Add Offers page causes Error 5720: Invalid Bundle Version. AVD-12465
FIXED Desktop - The 'Duplicate Customer State' field Is not populated when Warning Message 5374: The account being created already exists Is Supressed. AVD-14563
FIXED Performance Availability Report calculates Capacity Projected Net Value incorrectly
  • The calculation for the 'Projected' column has been fixed.
  • The 'Potential' and 'Difference' columns have been added.
  • The 'Comp Amount' and 'Capacity % on Capacity' columns have been removed.
  • The heading labels have been updated to remove 'Net' from non-net columns.
FIXED Desktop - On high latency connections, it is possible to submit an order on the Customer Services application Order|Summary page twice, which causes errors. AVD-15308
FIXED Online - The workflow does not properly support caps with customer assignments
The Manage Over Caps functionality now displays a warning message and allows users to proceed to checkout with more than the allowed items. To complete the order, the excess seats must be assigned to customers in the user's contacts list.
FIXED Bluefin - The application does not send the customer name on keyed transactions.  
The customer name is now sent in the 'First Name' field on keyed transactions.