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AudienceView 6.8.15 Change Log

The following table outlines the changes made in AudienceView 6.8.15:
NEW Online - Display an image in suggested gift pop-ups.
When a gift has an image configured on the Funds Management application Gifts|Details page's 'Logo' field, the image displayed in the suggested gift pop-up online.
NEW Provide the ability to update values in customer marketing data fields based on data provided in a .CSV source file.
The new Update Customer Marketing Data script and script definition updates customer marketing data field.

The source file should contain one row per customer. It includes a customer identifier column with the header customer, which is expected to contain the 'Customer Number', 'Legacy Account Number 1', 'Legacy Account Number 2' or 'Legacy Account Number 3'.

The 'Customer Identifier' execution field in the script definition determines which of the four fields will be used to look up the customer. The default value for the field is 'Customer Number'.

The source file can also include columns for any single-value customer marketing data fields (i.e. any of 'Marketing Data [1-50]', 'Currency [1-10]', 'Date [1-10]' and 'Fixed Integer [1-10]'). Multidata fields are not supported by this script.

AudienceView field names must be used as column headers (e.g. data1, currency1, date1, fixed1). For each column in the source, the supplied value will overwrite the existing value in that field. This includes blank values, so if there is a data3 column in the source and the source value is blank, the existing value in data3 will be overwritten with the blank value.

The customer is expected to exist in the database; if it does not then that row will be skipped and an error will be logged.

Date values should be provided in 2016-01-31 format. If the date field has been configured to store date and time, standard format (2016-01-31T13:45:50.987) can be used.

  • The marketing data fields that are being updated are expected to be configured as writeable. If fields are not configured as writeable, the update will fail silently with no error logged. This limitation is being tracked as AVD-13585. 

For more information, refer to Script: Update Customer Marketing Data (AudienceView 6.8.15).
IMPROVEMENT Desktop - A selection of data- attributes (e.g. data-target, data-toggle) can now be be used in articles to provide more flexibility with Bootstrap. AVD-10952
IMPROVEMENT Convert the Performance Popularity report from XSL to JavaScript.
The Performance Popularity report has been converted to JavaScript. The labels can be configured in the Registry application Registry::EN::Application::Business Intelligence and Reports::Report Labels::Performance Popularity node.
IMPROVEMENT Data Monkey - Add a list of customer identifiers for Order Load script to look up customers.
A list was added to the 'Customer Identifier' field for the Order Load script to improve usability.
FIXED Online - 'Secondary Features Articles' do not display in the correct 'Rank' order. AVD-8313
FIXED Online - The seat-level 'View from a Seat' image is appearing on seats that do not have an image configured.  AVD-12195
FIXED Desktop - Creating offers via the Utilities application Customer|Add Offers page causes Error 5720: Invalid Bundle Version. AVD-12465
FIXED Performance Settlement report - charges are incorrectly included in fees. AVD-14156
FIXED Online - Forwarded tickets are being sorted by Seat/Section/Row instead of Section/Row/Seat. AVD-15514
FIXED Renew the Java code signing certificate used for client/local printing. AVD-16557
FIXED Bluefin - The Merchant ID field on payment methods using Bluefin are not transmitted correctly.
You can configure a Group in Bluefin and then apply the same group to the 'Merchant' field on the General Configuration application Payment Methods|Basic page. The value should be a single, alphanumeric term with no spaces.
This allows for reporting on Groups in Bluefin.
The 'Group Name' from Bluefin should be added to the 'Merchant' field on the payment method. Do not use the Bluefin assigned Group ID.
The group will be available on transaction records in Bluefin in the download .CSV, and through the search screen as criteria.
FIXED Bluefin - Declines are appearing as Failures in the Payment Gateway Transaction report, and when saving a payment method to a customer on the Customer Services application Customer|Basic page, the Registry nodes are not behaving as expected
Previously, all AVS, CVV and other failures were set to Failure. Bluefin now distinguishes between transactions that are true Declines versus those that are rejected for AVS or CVV failure.