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AudienceView 6.8.16 Change Log

The following table outlines the changes made in AudienceView 6.8.16:
NEW FEATURE Add support for the CBORD stored value student card payment gateway, and add the ability to restrict payment methods so that they can only be used if they are already saved against a customer's account.
CBORD is now a supported payment method and gateway for universities that use stored value student cards.
CBORD supports the CS Gold and Odyssey product lines for online, desktop and MOTO sales. Payments can be saved and scheduled, but cannot currently be swiped.

The Only show Saved Payment Methods 'Option' has also been added to the General Configuration application Payment Method|Basic page. When selected, the payment method will only be available when creating an order if it has already been saved against the customer's account. 
This supports CBORD payment types so that universities/colleges can ensure only students who own the card use the card for payment. This is accomplished through an upload of the card details as a saved payment method.

This feature can also be used when an internal account payment type needs to be approved/vetted before being used, or any time ad hoc usage of a payment type is not desired.

Understanding that supervisory staff may need override access to payment methods, this can be overridden using the overrideSavedOnlyPaymentMethods permission on the TSorderBO.
NEW FEATURE API - Add the removeDonations doWork method to the TSorderBO.
The removeDonations doWork method was added to the TSorderBO to allow users to remove gifts from shopping carts via the API.
IMPROVEMENT Convert the Sales Audit report from XSL to JavaScript.
The Sales Audit report has been converted to JavaScript. The labels can be configured in the Registry application Registry::EN::Application::Business Intelligence and Reports::Report Labels::Sales Audit node.
Some improvements were also made to reduce database blocking, fixing both AVD-4883 and AVD-12005.
IMPROVEMENT Update the Credit and Debit Payment Reconcilliation report to make troubleshooting easier.
The following criteria have been added to the report:
  • Payment Methods: Enables you to filter the report based on the selected payment methods.
  • Report Output By: Enables you to generate a Detailed or Summary (rows that balance each other out are omitted) view.
The following output columns have been added to the report:
  • Order Number
  • Payment Function (e.g. Void, Return)
  • Return Status (i.e. Success or Failure)
  • Screen Message
  • Terminal ID
  • Process Time
  • Server Address
  • Payment ID
  • Session ID
FIXED Desktop - The 'Print Count' resets to 0 when an order without a customer is reloaded. AVD-4592
FIXED Online - Search result widgets in articles are duplicating the search results. AVD-11632

Access Control/Mobile Scanning - Performances are auto-selected (sometimes incorrectly) as users log in when there is only one performance for that day.
If there was a single performance for today then it will be auto-selected when the user accesses the event selection page.

FIXED SQL Server reports deadlock when customers save a payment methods against their accounts.‚Äč AVD-14120
FIXED Multiple instances of benefits/promotion codes are not being immediately applied to orders. AVD-16495
FIXED Registry - Adding or changing a payment terminal requires an IIS reset before taking effect. AVD-16938
FIXED Payment Gateways - Tender Retail is not voiding payments on rollbacks.
AudienceView now uses the same terminal for voids as it uses for payments or refunds instead of relying on the terminal allocation method.
FIXED Desktop - Unable to run offer invoices for offers containing bundles. AVD-17791
FIXED The seat details pop-up does not appear when a seat is double-clicking on the Customer Services application Seat|Map page.  AVD-17984