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AudienceView 6.8.17 Change Log

The following table outlines the changes made in AudienceView 6.8.17:

The section_rows parameter was added to the TSofferBO and TSorderBO's getBestAvailable and getBundleBestAvailable doWork methods to allow you to pass in row names as a parameter. AVD-16275
NEW FEATURE Allow membership/benefit-specific add-on articles.

Add-On article criteria can now be controlled by an online account's associated promo code (through a promo-related benefit associated to the online user who has logged in).

For more information, refer to Enabling Benefit/Membership-Specific Add-Ons (AudienceView 6.8.17).

IMPROVEMENT Convert the Event Sales by Price report from XSL to JavaScript.
The Event Sales by Price report has been converted to JavaScript. The labels can be configured in the Registry application Registry::EN::Application::Business Intelligence and Reports::Report Labels::Event Sales by Price node.
Issues related to the report have also been resolved.
IMPROVEMENT The Validata integration has been updated to support a new protocol. AVD-18082
IMPROVEMENT As part of the VividSeats integration a new Inventory Partner price type was added to the preloads and set as a default on the Inventory Partner role. AVD-18250
IMPROVEMENT Desktop - Closing a browser (e.g. closing the window or tab) while the order is saving will no longer cause the order to rollback. AVD-18391
FIXED AVTiki - Update AVTiki to align with changes that Facebook made to their API and standards. AVD-9680
FIXED When selecting Yesterday or Previous 7 Days when running JavaScript reports on the 8th of the month, the previous month's date is displayed.  AVD-13173
FIXED Running the Movement report causes database locking. AVD-13769
FIXED Scheduled payments cannot be processed for past dates. AVD-15094
FIXED AVTiki - Minor UI issues AVD-16466
FIXED AVTiki - Tampering error occurs when accepting reserved seats. AVD-17074
FIXED Online - On the pick-a-seat page, the price type labels are missing from price types that are available through promotion codes. AVD-17985
FIXED Online does not use the price zone label from Venue Configratuion application Venue|Template page. AVD-18006
FIXED Saving a copy of a scheduled task (e.g. a message) causes the scheduler to then run that task. AVD-18153
FIXED Cannot run or schedule a saved User BI. AVD-18190
FIXED Business Intelligence - When reporting on price zones through an Admission BI, the BI pulls the current price zone instead of displaying the price zone the seat was sold in (when they differ).  AVD-18215
FIXED A variety of issues were found affecting 3D Secure transactions in the Redcard/Anderson Zaks gateway.  AVD-18216
FIXED WebAPI - Rename the section_rows parameter for TSorderBO::getBundleBestAvailable() to sectionRows to maintain consistency with existing section parameters. AVD-18348
FIXED WebAPI - Passing performance_id as a parameter to the extract call in TSmapBO accumulates in tsMapRecord.performance_ids. AVD-18341
FIXED Desktop - Cannot update customer accounts when there are saved payment methods.
When payments were saved from the order payment window, a hidden field was being written to that was not available in the customer account. The unnecessary the field has been removed.