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AV Community 1.8.0 HotFix 1 Release Notes

Release Date: January 28, 2015

AV Community 1.8.0 HotFix 1 MD5 Hash

The MD5 hash value can be used to verify that the correct package has been downloaded/installed.

  • AV Community 1.8.0 HotFix 1 MD5 Hash: e3b1dc7a970e3760fd9b726b5cb85494

Desktop Fixes

Issue Solution ID
Performances fail to load when lists are not bound to the 'Parent Filters' (i.e. 'Event Genre' and 'Sports', by default). This has been corrected in AV Community 1.8.0 HotFix 1.
'Parent Fiter' fields no longer require bound lists to load performances. Alternatively, this can issue can be fixed without this HotFix by binding a list to the 'Parent Filter' fields.
If you are binding lists, ensure that the 'Key' values of the parent list match the 'Name' values of the child lists (and are user-friendly).
The 'Child Filter' fields inherit the settings of the 'Parent Filter' (e.g. if the parent is a required field, the child will be as well).
Lists can be bound via the Registry application Registry::EN::Business Objects::TSperformanceBO::Filters node.