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AV Community 1.10.0 New Features and Enhancements

AV Community Enhancements

Feature Description ID
Allow event hosts to add links to their event pages. This has been implemented in AV Community 1.10.0.
Rich text fields in the event owner portal and the Desktop now allow links and anchors.


Desktop Enhancements

Feature Description ID
Implement Optional Charges. This has been implemented in AV Community 1.10.0.
You can now configure charges as optional. The following fields have been added to the Product Configuration application Charges|Details page:
  • Policy: Allows you to select the choices that customers will have when making purchases:
    • Required: The charge is required (e.g. a tax). Once a charge is saved as Required, if can not be altered. All upgraded charges will be made Required.
    • Opt-In: The user must accept the charge.
    • Opt-Out: The user must decline the charge.
  • Additional Info: Allows you to add a link to an artcle to offer customers more information.
  • Terms and Conditions: Allows you to a add link to provide customers with terms and conditions for a service (e.g. Booking Protect)
  • Add-On Article: Allows you add an article that will pop-up to customer. This field is different from the other 'Add-On Article' fields and does not require futher configuration.
Optional charges can be accepted/declined in the Desktop as well as Online.

When an optional charge has been accepted, the core invoices will include an Optional Charge Section. This section will display the charge's 'Short Description', 'Description', 'Price' and links (HTML invoices) and URLs (AVDOC invoices) to the 'Terms and Conditions' and 'Additional Information'.
A database error occurs when you attempt to search for an event using the 'Available Section' field on the Customer Services application Seat|Search page. This has been implemented in AV Community 1.10.0.
The error no longer occurs and the 'Available Section' field can be used to perform search.
Make charge versions editable, and roles optional. This has been implemented in AV Community 1.10.0.
The charge configuration (Product Configuration application) has been updated so that charge details can be updated without having to use 'Copy Version' and so that the role sections are optional. 
Separate the charge and pricing configuration on miscellaneous items into two pages. This has been implemented in AV Community 1.10.0.
The charge configuration portion of the Product Configuration application Miscellaneous Items|Pricing page has been moved to a separate Miscellaneous Items|Charges page.
The charge configuration layout has also been updated to a newer layout with a 'Calculation' dropdown.
This layout change brings miscellaneous item cahrge configuration simpiler and brings the UI in line with other areas of the application.
Add a 'Change of Address Status' field to the Customer Services application Customer|Advanced page. This has been implemented in AV Community 1.10.0.
A 'Change of Address Status' field has been added to the Customer Services application Customer|Advanced page. 
This field is primarily used in conjunction with the NCOA - Customer Updates Data Monkey script (AVD-7972). This field is used to track the return codes provided by third-party NCOA address correction services; however, the 40-character field can also be used to track inactive or incorrect addresses (if you are not using NCOA).
This field is hidden by default (Registry application Registry::EN::Business Objects::TScustomerBO::Addresses::Change of Address node). If this field is enabled, it will also be displayed on createAccount.asp and maintainAddresses.asp online pages.



Online Enhancements

Feature Description ID
Improve seat and performance messages so they are not blocked by the 'Add-on' article pop-ups. This has been implemented in AV Community 1.10.0.
The message presentation has been improved so that pop-up messages are always clearly presented and available to be viewed again.



Business Intelligence and Reports Enhancements

Feature Description ID
BIs run with obselete date formats and produce a different count/result from when same date's format is updated. This has been implemented in AV Community 1.10.0.
BI queries now use the supplied input dates.
AVD- 7300
Implement a Booking Protect report. This has been implemented in AV Community 1.10.0.
The technical Booking Protect report has been added specifically for use with the Booking Protect product.
The report returns orders containing a specified charge during a specified 'Order Create Date' range.
Labels within report outputs can be configured using the applicable Registryapplication Registry::EN::Application::Business Intelligence and Reports::Report Labels::Booking Protect node.
Expose reamining organization fields in Performance BIs. This has been implemented in AV Community 1.10.0.
All of the organization related fields have been exposed to Performance BIs.
Some of the existing organization fields were renamed to prevent conflicts. The affected fields were the organization contact fields in TSperformanceCO and the organization address fields in TScustomerCO:
  • organization_state to organization_publish_state
  • performance_organization_state to performance_organization_publish_state
  • state on organization search object to publish_state
Because of this change, performance and customer BIs which were created by clients in earlier versions may need to be updated to use the new fields.
Add payment fields to support receipts for EMV This has been implemented in AV Community 1.10.0.
Four new fields have been added to the Payments BI to support receipt requirements for EMV (chip and pin, as standardized by Europay, MasterCard, and Visa):
  • AID
  • Application Preferred Name (AKA, Card Scheme)
  • Signature cerification (extended for PIN verification indicator)
  • Transaction Return Status (exposed to payment receipts)
Add Create Date and Create Audit Description to Business Intelligence. This has been implemented in AV Community 1.10.0.
Create Date (the date/time a performance was created) and Create Audit Description (the description of the audit record for the performance creation) have been added to the Performance BI. The fields are available as criteria and result members. 
Adjust the character width in PDF reports to account for the space between characters. This has been implemented in AV Community 1.10.0.
The space between characters is now accounted for in PDFs.



Data Monkey Enhancements

Feature Description ID
Create a script and script definition for NCOA (National Change of Address) address processing. This has been implemented in AV Community 1.10.0.
When mailing marketing material and subscription renewals, address cleansing through National Change of Address (NCOA) processing ensures that the direct mail piece gets to the intended customer and at the lowest possible cost.
The NCOA - Customer Updates script allows you to import/update customer addresses using the data provided by NCOA. 

Payment Gateway Enhancements


Feature Description ID
Add PIN Pad timeout parameter to ServeBase. This has been implemented in AV Community 1.10.0.
The 'PIN Pad timeout' parameter has been added to the Registry application System::Configuration::Payment Gateways::Servebase node. It sets the value for the socket receive timeout if a PIN Pad is used.
This is set to 120 (seconds), by default.
Send the currency code with PayPal PayFlow Pro payments. This has been implemented in AV Community 1.10.0.
PayPal Payments Pro now sends the default currency code (defined in the Registry application System::Configuration::Currencies node) to the payment gateway.

Sesame 0.9.4 Enhancements

Feature Description ID
Sesame Improvements This has been implemented in AV Community 1.10.0.
The following improvements have been made to Sesame:
  • Error messages have been improved to follow material design patterns.
  • Payments can now be made with the payment methods available to the role.
  • Receipts can be emailed to customers after an order is completed.
  • Introduced backwards compatibility to 1.9.0.
  • Sesame now indicates whether an input field is optional.
  • Many performance and stability improvements
  • Admissions on the Sesame Check In Page are now sorted by (sys) Row and (sys) Seat (ascending).

WebAPI Enhancements

Feature Description ID
Add SessionID to WebAPI response This has been implemented in AV Community 1.10.0.
The WebAPI responses now include session, which is the ID of the user's current Session. This can be used for example to detect if the user's session has expired (because a new SessionID will be generated).
Support one time requests to the WebAPI This has been implemented in AV Community 1.10.0.
The WebAPI allows access to object without explictly creating them first.