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Grid Search Results

Grid search results format lists information identical to the detailed search results format, but lays out the data in a different way. Instead of each result item occupying its own row with alternating colours, result items in the Grid format are arranged in columns and rows – where up to 3 result items will appear side by side.


The grid search results format also has specific behaviour on screens larger than 992 pixels wide, where only the event 'Short Description', 'Start Date', 'Price', availability and the call to action are visible by default. Supplementary information like 'End Date', venue's 'Description' and 'City', of the item description appear only when the result item is moused over.

Similar to the standard and detailed search result formats, each result block has an alternating background colour that is controlled using the .odd and .even classes in your branded stylesheet.

Grid_Search_Result_1.png Grid_Search_Result_2.png
Because there is no mouse over event on touch screens, this behaviour is disabled on screens less than 768 pixels wide, so that all item details are visible to the customer.