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AudienceView 6.8.11 HotFix 1 Release Notes

Release Date: November 12, 2015

AudienceView 6.8.11 HotFix 1 MD5 Hash

The MD5 hash value can be used to verify that the correct package has been downloaded/installed.
  • AudienceView 6.8.11 HotFix 1 MD5 Hash: bb14705638709e6efdfe3115d3e5a799

Backend Fixes/Improvements

Issue Solution ID
A static variable in SearchObject can cause unknown behaviour / crashes in multi-thread environment.
This has been implemented in AudienceView 6.8.11 HotFix 1.
The property type was changed from a static variable to a class member. There are no longer any issues in multi-thread environments.