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AudienceView 6.8.11 HotFix 9 Release Notes

The following table outlines the changes made in AudienceView 6.8.11 HotFix 9:
NEW FEATURE Implement a New Route for API Calls – Phase One
The new route for WebAPI calls, called v2, augments and replaces the functionality of the WebAPI/object/ route with WebAPI/v2/.
This will reduce the number of calls required to the WebAPI. The new route can also:
  • Assign handles with Object Name (objectName=myHandle)
  • Automatically create handles (boCreate not needed anymore)
    • Automatically releases those created handles, at the end of the call.
  • Release a business object by handle: (objectRelease=myHandle)
  • Combine ADDNODE with other operations
  • Change the ADDNODE response
  • Add support for remove node (removeNode=nodepath)
  • Change the doWork action name from part of the URI to a param (action=actionName)
The WebAPI is currently backwards compatible with the old style route (/WebAPI/object/ still operates as it did before).
IMPROVEMENT API - Add a contentBO extract.
A new, core extract script called ContentBO JSON Extract has been added to pull all of the available items returned by the content search in JSON format via the API. 
IMPROVEMENT API - Add complete and partial mapBO extracts.
Two new, core extract scripts called MapBO Complete JSON Extract and MapBO Partial JSON Extract have been added to pull all of the seats and related information in JSON format via the API. 
IMPROVEMENT API - Allow users to search the TScontentBO without providing an article_id parameter. AVD-19660
IMPROVEMENT API - Add venue_id and series_id to unified search.
The search method of the TScontentBO has been enhanced to allow users to search for an individual venue or series, using venue_id and series_id, respectively.
IMPROVEMENT Obstructed Seat Indicator
An Obstructed option has been added to the Venue Configuration application Venue|Seats page's 'Sys Type' field. 
When users perform best available searches via the AudienceView Desktop or online, they have the option of omitting obstructed seats from their searches.
IMPROVEMENT API - Add parameters to the TSmapBO::Extract.
TSmapBO::Extract can now take the following parameters:
  • screen_id
  • seat_id
  • entered_promo_code_id
  • promocode_access_code
  • promocode_access_code_url
  • clearPromoCodes
The behaviour of the promo code parameters is consistent with other calls:
  • If screen_id or seat_id is specified an event (performance_id) must also be specified.
  • If screen_id is specified the extracted data is limited to that screen.
  • If seat_id is specified the extracted data is limited to that seat's screen.
  • If screen_id and seat_id are both specified, the seat must be on the screen identified by screen_id.
  • If multiple events are specified (performance_id), data is extracted for all events. Previously, data was only extracted for the first event.
IMPROVEMENT Alllow all TSmapBO doWork methods (i.e. loadMap, loadAvailability, loadBestAvailable) to support the performance_ids parameter.  AVD-19725