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AudienceView 6.8.19 HotFix 1 Release Notes

The following table outlines the changes made in AudienceView 6.8.19 HotFix 1:
FIXED When extracting the Miscellaneous Items report to HTML, amounts are incorrectly calculated when item is less than 1.00. AVD-19536
FIXED Email messages are sent twice AVD-21023
FIXED Introduce non-blocked readers by blocked writer locking for registry AVD-21191
FIXED Inserting into ts_ticket causes database blocking. AVD-21292
FIXED Missing index on ts_admission_inventory table on performance_id column AVD-21609
FIXED Manually editing charges and amounts can lead to orders needing data fix
Sometimes when items with charges were changed on the order, the old charges were not being cleared fully, leading to the An order charge is being loaded that has no corresponding parent message. We now always check for terminated charges.