AudienceView Connect

orderSearch.asp Page for the Kiosk

The kiosk orderSearch.asp page enables your customers to select the order that they are picking up. Within AudienceView Kiosk, this page appears after swiping a credit card using the pickup.asp page.

The following table describes where to configure fields for this page within the Registry application Registry::EN nodes:

Node Key Default Label
Application::Kiosk::Transaction Invalid Card Invalid card number.
Application::Kiosk::Pick Up Tickets No Matching Orders No matching orders.
Application::Kiosk::Pick Up Tickets Matching Order You have the following matching order(s).
Application::Kiosk::Buy Tickets Previous Previous
Application::Kiosk::Navigation Order # Order #
Application::Kiosk::Buy Tickets Next Next
Application::Kiosk::Transaction Thanks Thanks
Application::Kiosk::Transaction Tickets Printed Your tickets have been sent to the printer. Please pick them up below.
Application::Kiosk::Transaction Pick Up Tickets If you experience any problems, please visit the Box Office for assistance.
Application::Kiosk::Transaction Service Charges Charges
Application::Kiosk::Transaction Additional Service Charges Additional Charges
Application::Kiosk::Transaction Total Total

The following .INC file labels also appear on this page: