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AudienceView Configuration Guides

The AudienceView configuration guides provide detailed information on how configure all areas of the application. The guides consist of the following:

  • Application Configuration Guide: The Application Configuration Guide outlines how to use the Venue Configuration, Product Configuration, Legends, General Configuration and Funds Management applications to configure AudienceView so that tickets can be sold.
  • Administration Guide: The Administration Guide outlines how to use the Application Security application to configure permissions for users, groups and roles and how to use the Registry application to customize most aspects of AudienceView.
  • AudienceView Branding Guide: The AudienceView Branding Guide outlines how to customize your Online sales channel, including image guidelines. This guide also outlines all of the configurable labels available for AudienceView Online/Mobile.
  • Online and Mobile Configuration Guide: The Online Configuration Guide outlines how to use the Content Management application to configure your organization's web presence so that tickets can be sold online and via mobile devices.
  • AudienceView Kiosk Configuration Guide: The AudienceView Kiosk Guide outlines how to configure your 'self-serve box office' kiosk (if applicable).