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Funds Management Application


The Funds Management application enables your organization to create, track and maintain fundraising programs and funds. Once created, you can manage gifts and sponsor data, track prospects, evaluate campaign success and automatically process gift acknowledgements and tax receipts.

AudienceView provides the tools you need to develop and manage successful fundraising strategies:

  • Know who your long standing contributors are, their buying history and personal profiles, including business associates, group affiliations, interests and education, and provide them with special treatment to strategically move them to the next level.
  • Customize a list of attributes and capture pertinent customer data to enhance your communication with existing and potential contributors.
  • Increase individual contributions with automated payment processing for scheduled payments, and automatic reminders and updates.
  • Give your patrons the convenience of contributing online while purchasing their tickets. Personalize messages to thank and reward long-time contributors.

AudienceView enables your entire organization to view patrons' purchase and gifting history, ensuring accurate communication. It can help you demonstrate that your organization is listening and reinforces customer-focused business flow.
For an outline of the Funds Management's content, refer to the Funds Management Content Map.

Tab Description
The Programs tab enables you to create/configure fundraising programs and their associated campaigns and appeals.
For more information, refer to Funds Management Programs.
The Funds tab enables you to create/configure funds. Funds define different areas of use for gifts (e.g. theatre renovation, costumes, administration, student internships). Once a program and its associated campaign and appeal has been created, users assign the gift (donation) amount to one or more funds.
For more information, refer to Funds Management Funds.
The Gifts tab enable you to create/configure gifts. Gifts represent, in a single place, the relationship between an order and a donation.
For more information, refer to Funds Management Gifts.

The Gift Flow

Programs, campaigns and appeals provide a means of managing and tracking gifts (donations). A program consists of one or more campaigns and a campaign consists of one or more appeals. When patrons make a donation, users assign the donation to a specific appeal. You can then use various reports to track your fundraising efforts at the program, campaign or appeal level.

  • 1-N: Indicates one to many.
  • N-M: Indicates many to many.