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Content Management Application

The Content Management application enables organizations to provide a tailored, organization-specific and consolidated web experience. Content Management allows web users to attain the maximum amount of performance information and enables them to have a singular experience in web sales. Organizations can tailor their pages in a singular configuration location using standard web development language and organization-specific branding.

Content Management allows organizations to ensure that the user has the most amount of information possible to purchase tickets and products as well as easily enables organizations to promote specific performances using different resident sites through easy-to-use AudienceView configuration windows.

Tab Description
The Sites tab enables you to create/configure/manage Online, Mobile and AVTiki sales portals while unifying the branding and purchasing experience. The Sites tab also provides the ability for an organization to easily manage different brands.
For more information, refer to Sites.
The Articles tab enables you to create/edit articles that are used to provide content for the different areas of a site.
For more information, refer to Articles.