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Configuring Miscellaneous Items

Miscellaneous items are either merchandise, memberships, passes or general items. Miscellaneous items can be purchased from the Order|Summary page of the Customer Services application or in AudienceView Online.

Miscellaneous items are created and maintained similarly to service charges. However, memberships can be added to miscellaneous items, allowing customers to purchase memberships rather than earning them through donation points. For further information, refer to General Configuration Memberships.

You can also specify what roles have access to the miscellaneous item and for what time period, and you can use promotional codes to restrict how customers can access the item. For example, you could restrict the sale of the miscellaneous item to Box Office staff, and assign an promotional code to a benefit so that only customers holding the benefit could purchase the item.

Similar to service charges, miscellaneous items use versions providing you with the means to change the membership and pricing for a miscellaneous item, while maintaining a complete record of all previous versions. A version is essentially a copy of an existing set of values for that service charge which can then be modified to reflect new requirements. Versions can be set to take effect immediately or in the future, enabling you to make changes that take effect automatically.

The following sections describe how to configure miscellaneous items: