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Configuring Bundles

A bundle is a group of items that are priced together as a package, for example:

  • 3-Game Pass: Purchase one adult ticket for three different home games and receive a discount.
  • 2 Play Bonus: Purchase one adult ticket for two different plays and get a bonus benefit.
  • Seasons Tickets: One ticket for each of the season’s performances for a set price.
  • Family Pack: Purchase two adult tickets and two child tickets and receive a discount.

Bundles must include at least one admission, gift card/certificate, miscellaneous item or gift, but can contain multiples of these. Bundles that include more than one admission ticket are configured to force the user to include either purchase tickets from all different performances or from all different series. A single bundle can include purchasing more than one ticket from the same performance. For example, a family pack may require the purchase of two adult admissions and two child admission to the same performance.

A single order can include multiple instances (that is copies) of the same bundle and these can be fulfilled in such a way as to ensure that the admissions in the different bundles are for adjacent seats. Multiple bundles in a single order can also be fulfilled for more than one price type. One order can include two or more different bundles (for example, it can include multiple copies of the 2 Play Bonus bundle, a 2 Play Bonus bundle and a 3-Game Pass bundle).

Bundles can be used to create subscriptions to a set of performances (e.g. season tickets), which can be renewed within the Utilities application. For more information on renewing subscription bundles, refer to Utilities - Renewals.

Bundles also enable:

  • The ability to assign an existing pass to the bundle. You can associate passes with bundles using the bundles Assigned Pass property. This property is available within the version details section of the Product Configuration application Bundles|Details page.
    For more information, refer to Associating Passes with a Bundle.
  • The ability to assign memberships and associated benefits to a bundle.
    For more information about adding memberships to bundles, refer to Adding Memberships to a Bundle.
  • The ability to restrict the sale of a bundle or set the price of a bundle using promotion codes.
    For more information, refer to Adding a Bundle to the Calendar.

The following sections describe how to configure bundles: