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Product Configuration Charges-Cap Page


The following image illustrates the Product Configuration application Charges|Cap page:

The Charges|Cap Page

The Charges|Cap page allows you to manage the maximum number of instances of the selected charge that can be allocated in a per ticket capacity per performance for each specific role. Roles are selected and the cap on the charge instances are associated for each ticket for the associated performance.

For example, the Internet role may have a per ticket charge that has a cap of five. If the charge is associated to a performance and a user in the Internet role purchases seven tickets, only five service charges would be applied.

Multiple cap rows can be created to manage cap values for different roles.

If a charge does not have a 'Cap' applied to it, the charge will be applied once per item. For example, without a 'Cap':

  1. an IncludedAdditional or Inside charge will be applied to an order once per item, triggered by the miscellaneous item or admission;
  2. Performance charge will be applied once per admission, triggered by the performance, and
  3. an Order charge will be applied once per admission or miscellaneous item, triggered by the order.