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Modifying a Miscellaneous Item Option

Miscellaneous item option can be modified at any time. New sizes can be made Available and sold-out merchandise can be made Unavailable amongst other things.

To modify a miscellaneous item option, complete the following:

  1. Open the Product Configuration application from the AudienceView Desktop.
  2. Select the Miscellaneous Items tab.
    The Miscellaneous Items|Search page appears.
  3. Select the miscellaneous item with the option that you want to modify. For more information, refer to the Product Configuration Miscellaneous Items-Search Page and Performing Searches.
    The Miscellaneous Items|Details page appears.
  4. Select the Options tab.
    The Miscellaneous Items|Options page appears.
  5. Modify the applicable miscellaneous item option fields:
    1. Enter a name in the 'Option Name' field.
      For example, if you want to configure a T-shirt size, enter Small.
    2. Optionally, enter description in the 'Description' field.
      The description displays on the miscItemDetail.asp page in AudienceView Online.
    3. Select Available from the 'Status' field to make the option available when users purchase this item. To make it unavailable, select Unavailable.
    4. Optionally, enter a number in the 'Rank' field to control which option displays first during the sale process. Options ranked with lower numbers display first.

      For more information, refer to Miscellaneous Item Options Section.

  6. Click 'Apply'.
    A window confirms that the application updated the miscellaneous item.
  7. Click 'OK'.
An option cannot be deleted if it already exists on an order.