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Performing Searches

AudienceView has several search pages in its application that enable you to find customers, orders, gift certificates, seats, bundles, and more. Many of these searches share characteristics, enabling you to search by a number of different criteria to get the information you need. Search strategies are essentially the same across the application.

The following search functionality is common to all searches:

  • Search fields are not case sensitive. Entering an uppercase letter (A) is treated the same as a lowercase letter (a).
  • Wildcard characters can be used to search for partial strings. For more information, refer to Using Wildcard Characters to Perform a Search.
  • Whenever there is a text field, you can enter a value and press CTRL+TAB or click  to add additional fields. Records that match any of the additional search fields (Boolean OR) are returned. For more information, refer to Adding Additional Search Fields.
  • The number of records displayed per page of search results can be specified using the 'Page Size' field. For more information, refer to Search Page Settings.
  • Use the 'Next >>' and '<< Previous' buttons to navigate between multi-page results.
  • Search criteria can be cleared by clicking 'Reload'.
  • Load an alternative search by clicking 'Load New Search'.
  • Several areas of AudienceView display next to certain fields. Clicking the icon will open a Find Dialog Box specific to the field that it is beside.

The following image illustrates a sample of common search elements:

Example of an AudienceView Search Page