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On Offer Timeouts

Once you add seats to an order, but before you create the order, the seats are on offer. During this time, other users cannot select those seats. The length of time that those seats remain on offer depends on your current role. Each role has a time limit, configured by your system administrator, for on offer seats.

Once your selected seats (on offer) have exceeded your role’s time limit, they are no longer on offer to you and are subsequently made available to other users logged into AudienceView. The seats remain in the order, but if another user adds them to an order and then creates his/her order before you create yours, those seats are no longer available to you. You will have to select alternate seats; therefore, it is important to fulfill an order in a timely manner.

Seats On Offer (Order: Summary page)

On the Order|Seats|Seats page, seats display for only one performance at a time. To view seats for a different performance, click on that summary header for that performance.

When a seat in an order is no longer on offer, the background of the seat’s details in the admission section of the Order|Summary page and on the Order|Seats|Seats page turns pink. This colour change does not occur until you refresh a page by:

  • selecting a different tab to move between pages
  • click 'Update Details'

Seats Are No Longer On Offer (Highlighted in Pink)