AudienceView Connect

Using Utilities to Invoice Customers with Offers

Once offers are generated for customers, you can generate invoices to be sent to the associated customer informing them of the inventory they have on offer. The customer is then able to convert the offer to an order and pay off the order.

To invoice customers with offers, complete the following:

  1. Open the Utilities application from the AudienceView Desktop.
  2. Select the Offers tab.
    The Offers|Query Select page appears.
  3. Select the saved query you want to use from the Offer Invoice section.
    The Offers|Offer Invoice page populates with the criteria for your searches.
    For more information on creating Business Intelligence queries for searching, refer to Saving a BI Query to a Folder (Custom Searches).
  4. Enter the desired search criteria. For more information on performing searches in AudienceView, refer to Performing Searches.
  5. To reload the search criteria and clear out the criteria that you have entered, click 'Reload'.
    The Offers|Offer Invoice page refreshes clearing the entered criteria.
  6. Click 'Search'.
    The orders matching your entered search criteria are displayed in the Select Offers display box.
  7. Select the orders you want to renew. To select all visible orders, click 'Select All'.
    Ensure that the Page Size field value entered will accommodate the number of orders that you want to display if you want to manually select specific orders.
  8. Select the desired target for the invoices; 'Email' to send the invoices via email to the customer user's email address, or 'Print' to manually print the invoices.
  9. Select the desired format for the invoices; 'AVDocument' for AVDocument/PDF, 'html' for HTML documents, and 'plain' for plain text output.
  10. Select the desired printer to which you want to send the invoices.
  11. To invoice only the selected offers displayed in the Select Offers display box, click 'Invoice Selected'.
    The result of the invoice creation is displayed in the Batch results display box.
  12. To invoice all of the offers that were returned by your search, click 'Invoice All'.
    A Please Confirm message box displays, stating "You have selected to invoice all, are you sure you want to continue?"
  13. To cancel the invoice process and create no invoices, click 'Cancel'.
    You are returned to the Offers|Offer Invoice page. No invoices are generated.
  14. Click 'OK'.
    The results of the batch are displayed in the Batch results display box.
  15. For larger batches, process the next batch by clicking 'Next Batch'. Continue clicking 'Next Batch' to complete the batch.