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Download Report Portal


You can retrieve the results of a report without logging into the application and searching for the desired report. All you have to do is save a report with all of the desired criteria in advance, and when required, provide the portal with your AudienceView User ID, password and the name of the saved report. The portal then runs the report immediately and displays the results.

Using the Download Report Portal

Prior to using the Download Report Portal, you must have a report saved. You can save criteria for any of the AudienceView reports, but you must note the name that you have used for the saved report criteria as this is the trigger for the report execution. For more information, refer to Saving a Report.

You can navigate to the download portal using the following path in your internet browser:

http://<server>/webAPI/downloadReport.asp?download=1&loginName=<user>&loginPassword=<password>&report=<Saved Report>

where <server> is the name of the application server where your AudienceView application is stored.

Once you have saved your report criteria and accessed the portal:

  1. Navigate to the URL, and the report will be run.
    A 'File Download' security warning displays.
  2. To open the report and view it, click 'Open'.
    The desired report displays.
  3. To save the report:
    1. Click 'Save'.
      AudienceView displays the 'Save As' dialogue box for saving files.
    2. Enter the desired name for the saved file in the 'File name' field.
    3. Enter the desired type for the file in the 'Save as type' field.
    4. Use the location explorer to navigate to the system folder to which you save the file.
    5. Click 'Save'.
      The report file is saved in the desired location.

Provide your username, password and name of the report. The report is now displayed.