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Voiding, Cancelling and Refunding Payments

You can cancel a payment and issue a refund using one of the following methods:

Method Description Applies to
Delete Deletes a payment from an order. You can only use this method if the payment has not been processed (i.e. the order has not been saved). all payment methods not saved
Refund Credits the customer or cardholder for a reconciled purchase.
For credit/debit card transactions, AudienceView communicates the refund to the credit/debit card company.
Cardholders will see both the original transaction and the refund on their statements.
Local Payment
Reconciled credit/debit charges
Partial Refund The same as a refund but enables you to refund the amount overpaid on an order (e.g. credits). Local Payment
Reconciled credit/debit charges
Void Voids a payment that has not been reconciled.
For credit/debit card payments, neither the payment nor the void will appear on the customer’s debit or credit card statement. For payment methods that use an External Payment Gateway, the void transaction is communicated with the credit card or debit card company.
Voids should be used at time of the original transaction. If the transaction is voided hours later or the next day it will put the bank transactions out of balance.
This is also a valid method to use if the original payment was made by gift certificate/card. When voided, the application credits the original payment amount to the original gift certificate/card. If a secondary gift certificate was generated to hold the balance still to be redeemed from the original gift certificate, the application voids the secondary gift certificate and it can no longer be used.
You cannot reverse a voided sale.
Different payment gateways do not void transactions in the same way, and some do not void at all. If the gateway does not void it is usually tracked as a refund.
Local Payment
Unreconciled credit/debit charges
Cancel Marks an order as unpaid within AudienceView.
Cancels are used only to resolve discrepancies between AudienceView and your payment processor or bank.
Use this method if, for example, a payment was processed but not honoured by the credit/debit card company or bank (e.g. charge backs, NSF cheques, direct debit). In such circumstances the funds are not received by your company.
When you cancel a payment no transaction information is sent externally to the gateway.
The ability to cancel payments should be restricted to a select number of people within your organization or it should be disabled for everyone and then enabled in the Application Security application's Group|Permissions page when a payment needs to be cancelled and then turn disabled again.
You cannot reverse a cancelled payment.
Credit/debit, cheque and direct debit charges

The following sections describe how to cancel payments and issue refunds: