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Customer Services Order-Other-Items Page

The Customer Services application Order|Other|Items page displays all miscellaneous items on the current order and corresponding details. Click on a miscellaneous item to view the details.

The following image illustrates the Customer Services application Order|Other|Items page:

The Customer Services application Order|Other|Items page contains the following properties: 

Fields Description
Miscellaneous Item The name of the miscellaneous item.
Option The option further describing the item (e.g. size, colour).
Promo Code The promotional code associated to the item.
Comment A user entered comment on the item.
Assigned Customer Pass The pass associated with the item.
Record Number A system-generated number used to identify the item.
Ticket Number The ticket number associated with the printed ticket, if the item is configured as printable and has a ticket template associated to it.
Status The status of the item (e.g. Printed).
Mark Description If the ticket has been scanned, the mark description from the scanner used.
Print Count The number of times that the item has been printed.
Net The net value of the miscellaneous item.
Included/Inside Charges Columns will appear for any included and inside charges on the item. Each column lists the amount of the particular charge.
Amount The cost of the item (Net Value + Included/Inside Charges).
Additional Charges Columns will appear for any additional charges on the item.  Each column lists the amount of the particular charge.
Total The total value of the item (Net Value + Included/Inside Charges + Additional Charges).