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Customer Services Order-Seats-Seats Page

The Order|Seats|Seats page displays all admissions on the current order and corresponding details. The admissions are grouped by performance.  Click on a performance to view the admissions for that performance.

The following image illustrates the Order|Seats|Seats page:


 The Order|Seats|Seats page contains the following properties:

Field Description
Ticket Number The ticket number associated with the printed ticket.
Status The status of the ticket (e.g. Printed, Not Printed).
Mark Description If the ticket has been scanned, the mark description from the scanner used.
Pass The pass associated to the admission that will be used for entry.
Customer The customer number of the customer associated to the admission.
Enter the customer number into the field or click    to search for the customer.
For more information, refer to The Find Customers Dialog Box.
Section The section in the venue in which the admission resides.
Row The row in the venue in which the admission resides.
Seat The seat number/letter of the admission.
Price Type The price type associated with the admission.
Promo Code The promotional code associated with the admission.
Net Value The net value of the admission.
Included/Inside Charges Columns will appear for any included and inside charges on the admission. Each column lists the amount of the particular charge.  You can manually change the amount of the charges, which will affect the net value of the admission.
Amount The cost of the admission (Net Value + Included/Inside Charges).
Additional Charges Columns will appear for any additional charges on the admission.  Each column lists the amount of the particular charge. You can manually change the amount of the charges, which will affect the total cost of the admission.
Total The total value of the admission (Net Value + Included/Inside Charges + Additional Charges).
Set All Allows you to set the value of every field in the column to the value in the adjacent field.
Add Seats This button allows you to add seats to the order. Clicking it will open the Add Seats dialog box.
To use the Add Seats dialog box, you must know all of the information pertaining to the performance (e.g. the exact performance name, seat location, price type). It is recommended that you use the Seats tab to add seats to an order. 

For more information, refer to Making Seat Selections.