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Customer Services Order-Bundles-Bundles Page

The Order|Bundles|Bundles page lists each bundle instance on the order. Under each bundle instance is a list of the admissions acquired through that bundle. Click on a bundle to view the admissions that are part of that bundle. This page also displays any gift certificates/cards earned with the purchase of the bundle including details such as recipient name, printed message, expiry date and printing format.

The following image illustrates the Order|Bundles|Bundles page:

The Order|Bundles|Bundles page contains the following properties:

Field Description
Performance The name of the performance for which the admission is valid.
Pass The pass associated to the admission that will be used for entry.
Customer The customer number of the customer associated to the admission.
Enter the customer number into the field or click   to search for the customer.
For more information, refer to The Find Customers Dialog Box.
Section The section in the venue in which the admission resides.
Row The row in the venue in which the admission resides.
Seat The seat number/letter of the admission.
Price Type The price type associated with the admission.
Promo Code The promotional code associated to the admission.
Amount The cost of the admission.