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Using Credit and Debit Cards to Make a Payment

To create a credit/debit card payment, complete the following:

If your organization uses credit card pre-authorization, speak to your system administrator as to how to create such a payment.
  1. Open the Customer Services application from the AudienceView Desktop.
  2. Select the Order tab.
    The Order|Search page appears.
  3. Search for and select the order that you want to work with. For more information, refer to Searching for an Order.
    The Order|Summary page appears.
  4. Click 'Add Payment'.
    The Payments dialog box appears.
  5. Select the appropriate credit/debit payment method from the 'Payment Method' dropdown.
    The Payments dialog box refreshes to display applicable information.

    The default 'Payment Amount' is the amount owing on the order.
  6. Verify the 'Payment Amount' and make any necessary modifications.
  7. Optionally, if the payment method has a 'Storage Type' of Saveable you can select the 'Save Payment Details' check box to save the payment information to the payment information section on the Customer|Basic page of the customer's account.
    Alternatively, if the payment information section on the Customer|Basic page has been filled out or if the customer has selected the 'Save Payment Details' check box Online, the information will automatically populate when 'Add Payment' is clicked.
  8. Add additional notes about the payment using the 'Memo' field.
  9. Optionally, select the 'Ignore AVS' (address verification) and 'Ignore CVV' (card verification) check boxes to process the payment regardless of the selected validation results.
  10. Click 'Click to Swipe Card'.

    The button changes to 'Please Swipe Card Now'.
    To cancel a swipe, click anywhere outside the 'Please Swipe Card Now' button.
  11. Swipe the card.
  12. Choose an option:
    The swipe is Then
    successful, the button states 'Card Swipe Success'

    continue to Step 11.
    unsuccessful, the button states 'Card Swipe Failed'

    To swipe again, click 'Card Swipe Failed' and swipe the card.
    To cancel the swipe and manually key in the card information, click 'Card Swipe Failed' and then click outside the button.
    For more information on troubleshooting credit card failures, refer to Credit Card Troubleshooting.
    Your system administrator sets the allowed maximum number of failed attempts with the same credit card. The application will prompt you if this maximum has been exceeded and you cannot process the card again for the current order. If you have the appropriate permissions, you may be able to accept the prompt and continue working with the credit card.
  13. Click 'Add Payment'.
    The Payments dialog box closes and the Order|Summary page becomes active. The unprocessed payment is added to the order.
  14. Click 'Apply' or 'Create'.
    A window confirms the application updated the order.
  15. Click 'OK'.
If you selected the wrong credit card type (e.g. selected Amex but entered a Visa card number), AudienceView processes the transaction and updates the payment method to reflect the correct name.