AudienceView Connect

Utilities Dataloader-Results Page

The Dataloader is the utility used to load migration items. The Dataloader uses the AudienceView API (application programming interface) and follows the same rules defined against a standard user login.

The following image illustrates the Utilities application Dataloader|Results page:

The Dataloader|Results Page

The Dataloader|Results page displays the results of a dataloader job. It provides the name of the result status, resulting error codes, the number of processed records and the start and end times of the job.

Once you click on one of the links in the result section, the result details and the result log sections will appear.

The result details section displays where the data originated from, the name of the source data file, the name of the report/BI query used to generate the data and the CO that the information was pulled from ('Object List').

The result log section displays hyperlinks to the result log files and resulting CSV file.