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Adjusting the Volume

If your mobile computer has speakers, you can adjust or mute the volume. Muting sounds can help save power and prolong the mobile computer’s battery life.

If you are using the MC3090 model, your mobile computer may not have speakers. To determine whether your MC3090 model has speaker capabilities, refer to Identifying Whether Your MC3090 Model Can Play Sounds.

To adjust the sounds on your mobile computer, complete the following:

If you are working with Then
Windows Mobile 2003.
  • Click the Volume icon () in the Status Bar.
  • Move the volume slider to the desired volume level or click the Off radio button to turn off the volume. An X next to the Volume icon indicates the sound is off.

    You can use the Sounds & Notifications window to adjust the system volume (Click Start and then click Settings and use the Personal tab).
Windows CE 5.0,
  • Click 'Start', point to Settings, and then click Control Panel.
  • Double-click the 'Volume & Sounds' icon.
  • On the Volume tab, use the slide bar to change the volume or enable/disable the desired sound options.