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DataWedge Notifications

If you are using DataWedge for barcode capture (MC50), you can configure the feedback settings for different events (such as good decode or error). The DataWedge feedback settings play in addition to the sound notification settings in the Registry. For more information, refer to Configuring Notifications on a Mobile Computer.

To configure DataWedge notification settings, complete the following:

  1. Click the DataWedge icon () in the system tray. If the DataWedge icon does not appear in the system tray, browse to the \Application folder and launch the DataWedge executable.
  2. Click Barcode and then click FeedBack.
  3. For each feedback parameter, you can specify:
    Setting Description
    Wave File Specifies the .wav file to be used. Clicking this button changes the file by browsing the \Application\Wav folder.
    Beep Time Specifies the number of milliseconds for the sound.
    Freq (Hz) Specifies the frequency of the beep.
    LED Time Specifies the number of milliseconds for the mobile computer’s LED to stay lit following a decode.
  4. Click 'OK' to save your changes.