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DataWedge Configuration (MC50)

If you are using the MC50 model, and you want to use Internet Explorer to access Access Control, you should use Symbol DataWedge for barcode capture. The DataWedge ensures that the mobile computer can capture the barcode and translate it for use by Access Control. In place of DataWedge and Internet Explorer, you could use Symbol PocketBrowser. If you are using the MC3090 model, it is recommended you use Symbol PocketBrowser for barcode capture. For more information, refer to Symbol PocketBrowser Configuration (MC3090).

ScanWedge Versus DataWedge

Symbol ScanWedge and DataWedge provide the same functionality for barcode capture. However, if your mobile computer has both installed, they should not be running at the same time. This guide discusses the use of DataWedge for barcode capture.

Determining Whether to Install DataWedge

To determine whether you need to install DataWedge, check the mobile computer’s system tray for the DataWedge icon (). If you do not see the icon, confirm that DataWedge is not installed by going to the \Application folder and verify that the DataWedge executable does not exist. If you cannot locate DataWedge on your mobile computer, continue to Installing DataWedge.