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Scanned Tickets Report within Access Control

The Scanned Tickets report within Access Control displays the scanned ticket totals to date for one or more performances and all user roles. Totals are provided by ticket status.

Use the table below to specify your Scanned Tickets report criteria on the Options page. The options not described are not applicable when checking a ticket's status. For more information, refer to Options Page.

Field Description
User Role Select your user role from the 'User Role' dropdown list if it is not already selected.
This does not impact your report, but is a mandatory field.
Performances Verify the performance for which you will be reporting next to the 'Performances' field.
The report will only include those selected performances.
For more information, refer to Searching for a Performance in Access Control.

To run the report, click 'Report'. The Scanned Tickets Report page appears.

This report will not display totals for Tickets Not Found errors. For more information on a ticket's status, refer to Understanding a Ticket’s Status. Additional reports are available from the AudienceView Desktop. For more information, refer to the Additional Ticket Scanning Reporting Options.