AudienceView Connect

Global Customizations

Some fields used by Access Control are also used elsewhere in AudienceView. Any changes that you make to these fields affect all areas of AudienceView.

The following table lists the fields used by Access Control and potentially other areas of the application. You can only configure these fields in the Registry.

Node Key Default Value Affected Pages
Application ButtonAll Select All performances.asp
Application ButtonLogin Login default.asp
Application current_password Current Password logonChangePassword.asp
Application login Please Login default.asp
Application new_password New Password logonChangePassword.asp
Application password Password default.asp
Application retype_password Re-type New Password logonChangePassword.asp
Application role_title Change your settings configuration.asp
Application ticket_marking Access Control configuration.asp
Application username Username default.asp
Session/User Role userrole_id User Role configuration.asp