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Configuring Access Control Security Settings

This section describes the applicable settings within Application Security which control how a ticket scanner interacts with Access Control. For information, refer to the Application Security Application.

When implementing Access Control at your organization, it is recommended that you configure:

  • A unique user for each person scanning a ticket.
    This ensures that you can accurately report on each of your ticket scanners.
  • A unique group for all of the people scanning tickets.
    This enables you to strictly control what users can do within Access Control and other areas of AudienceView.
  • Optionally, configure a unique role for scanner users.
    This can be useful for reporting purposes as well. If you configure a unique role, you must ensure that the role is given access to applicable producers and performances for scanning purposes. If users search for performances via the performances.asp page, their search results will be based on the 'On Calendar' and 'On Sale' date settings configured for their role. For this reason, it is also important to create a unique role for scanner users so that they can access the required performances.