AudienceView Connect

Configuring Access Control User Permissions

The following permissions can be set using the Application Security application's User|Permissions and Group|Permissions pages. For more information, refer to Configuring User Permissions and Configuring Group Permissions.

Permission Description Required
TSperformanceCO::search Enables users to search for relevant performances using the performances.asp page. No
TSticketBO::mark Enables users to scan tickets (scan.asp) and update the ticket’s status. Yes
TSticketBO::initialize Enables ticket scanners to mark a ticket as used. Yes
TSticketCO::search Enables users to use Access Control’s reporting. No

If you give users/groups access to other areas of the AudienceView Desktop, they will not be able to access them from their scanners.

For more information regarding Access Control's .asp pages, refer to Access Control Guide.