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The Application Security application is used by system administrators to create, define and maintain users, roles and groups and their associated permissions to control access to various aspects of AudienceView.
For an outline of the Application Security's content, refer to the Application Security Content Map.
Tab Description
A user identifies someone who can access AudienceView. Users have user names and passwords that they can use to logon to AudienceView. A user can be anyone from an administrator or box office ticket seller to an anonymous customer accessing online sales. Users can be assigned one or more groups and/or roles that determine how they can interact with AudienceView.
For more information, refer to Application Security Users.
A group defines the functionality a user has permission to view and perform. For example, a group specifies whether users can create, modify and/or delete an item in the application, what pages they can view, and so on. Groups and roles work together to define a user’s experience with the application. For example, for users to sell tickets, they must be given access to the performance (by means of their role) and access to selling functionality (by means of their group).
For more information, refer to Application Security Groups.
Roles restrict a user's access within AudienceView and are most often used to reflect an organization’s sales channels. Access to the following items can be restricted by role:
  • Venues
  • Series, Performances and Bundles
  • Service Charges and Miscellaneous Items
  • Payment and Delivery Methods
  • Hold Types
  • Fundraising Programs

    When such an item is created, roles are granted access. When users log on to AudienceView with an allowed role, they can access the item. A user's group determines what the user can do with the item. A user may have multiple roles associated to them, but when logging in, they must choose a single role to use. This role can be changed at anytime using the Options menu.
    For more information, refer to Application Security Roles.
Each action or event that occurred while a user was logged on is tracked by AudienceView and is accessible from the Audit tab.
For more information, refer to Application Security Audit.

The following sections describe the subsystem actions that can be configured in Application Security: