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Configuring Print-at-Home Tickets

This describes how to set up the Print-at-Home functionality. This document covers the steps for initial set-up of the system so that electronic tickets can be delivered via email either by a customer services representative (e.g. Box Office, Phone Sales) or when the customer buys tickets online and opts to have the tickets delivered via email.

The Print-at-Home functionality in AudienceView is very flexible. It allows the launching of simple or elaborate Electronic Tickets using fixed or dynamic text and images that can be printed using specific conditions.

Before You Begin

To successfully setup Print-at-Home tickets, the following conditions must be in place:

  1. Acrobat Reader must be installed.
    To download Acrobat Reader, visit
  2. Online sales functionality must be available and customers must be able to buy tickets online using the Mail or Pick-Up delivery methods.
    For more information, refer to Enabling Online and Mobile Users to Make Purchases and Configuring Online and Mobile Sales.
  3. A mail server is configured and available to AudienceView
    You will know email is configured if you can already send reports via email.
    For help contact AudienceView Support via the Support Portal at If you do not have a 'User Name' or 'Password' send an email to
  4. Set up for regular tickets FGL2, FGL4 or Windows
  5. Regular ticket, device type FGL2, FGL4 or Windows, should be configured already in the system
  6. The Digital Electronic Ticket Stock Template image has to be available
  7. Desired Series/Performances are set to use the General Admission ticket that the PDF template is attached to.
  8. Desired Series/Performances have to be set to use email as a delivery method.
    For more information, refer to Configuring Series and Configuring Performances.
  9. The Internet role has to have an Invoice Confirmation assigned to it.
    For more information, refer to Configuring Online Roles.
You are not required to have an Electronic Stock Ticket template to enable the Print-at-Home functionality; however, it is recommended so that your organization can incorporate specific branding and offer customers a more personalized experience.