AudienceView Connect

Configuring Auto-Print

Auto-print is a seamless "download and print" delivery method for use with non-BOCA printers in remote box offices and locations where a static IP is not possible.

The same browser and graphic reader should be used in all of the computers that will be using auto-print.

There are three browsers that can be used:

It is highly recommended that you use Firefox as the default browser.

The auto-print functionality works best with both Firefox and Chrome. These two browsers allow the job to be downloaded, opened and sent to the printer automatically.
Internet Explorer also works with the auto-print, but there is a known browser limitation that will not allow jobs to be downloaded and automatically sent to the printer. When using Internet Explorer, you must open each order downloaded order and then print it.

There are three graphic readers that can be used:

The graphic reader needs to be preconfigured to automatically open/send the job to the printer. It is recommended to install the graphic reader using the default path recommended by the installer. Using default settings prevents extra configuration. If you change the path, make sure that you keep a record of the new path. The path is required to configure/run the registry merge.

It is highly recommended that you use FoxIt Reader as your default reader.

After installing Firefox and Foxit make sure that you install the web page fixer add-on. If this add-on is not installed the files will not automatically be sent to the printer.

Once an order is created/printed using the auto-print functionality, AudienceView will automatically generate a PDF of the ticket(s) with extension .avpdf.

The following sections describe how to configure auto-print functionality: