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General Configuration Membership-Basic Page

The following image illustrates the General Configuration application Membership|Basic page:

The Membership|Basic Page

The General Configuration application Memberships|Basic page consists of the following properties:

Field Description
Membership Name A name to identify the membership.
Membership Description A description of the membership.
Membership Type Specify the type of membership:
  • Incremental: A membership where customers can advance through the membership levels automatically based on point accumulation. A customer can only hold one instance of this type of membership.
  • Static: A membership that can have levels but customers do not accumulate points. A customer can hold multiple instances of this type of membership.
Description Enter a description of the version in the field.
Effective Date Enter the effective date and time of the version or click  to select one. The version must be effective on or after today‚Äôs date. If you do not enter a date, the application will use the current date and a time of 00:00 AM.
End Date Enter the end date for the version or click to select one. The membership is not available for use on or after this date. If you do not enter a date and time, the application leaves the field blank, allowing the membership to be effective until modified.
Valid From Enter the date that the membership becomes valid. The membership is able to be used as of this date.
Valid To Enter the date that the membership becomes no longer valid. The membership can no longer be used after this date.